Thursday, May 17, 2007

Good-bye Trouble, it's been nice knowing ya.

At the prompting of a good friend I decided to listen to warning of my inner voice and completely break off my "friendship" with Zuel. I did this yesterday afternoon. I felt initially sort of bad about it. I felt that I was probably really hurting this man's feelings. But the aftermath was strangely humorous.

I then went with another friend out for a night in DC, a female friend who was also aquainted with Zuel. She actually brought him up and a very interesting conversation ensued. Suddenly all of my guilty feelings were virtually obliterated. Zuel had been caught in a lie. In a whole series of lies, in fact, and I realised all my concern for his feelings was needless.

I'm glad I have friends willing to give me good advice and I'm glad I have an inner voice that warns me when things aren't right (I only wish I listened to it better). And I'm glad to have friends that tell me the truth. It isn't a quality everybody has.

Today, I plan one last meeting with Zuel, if he has the bravery to call me back. I want to leave him with some parting advice (and nice swift kick in the ass - although I will try to control myself in that respect.)

It's a sunny, beautiful day and I'm feeling light and happy. Tomorrow I'm going in for a facial.


Blogger Sparkles Anon! said...

I am so proud of you.

all my love,

6:28 AM  

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