Tuesday, January 16, 2007

I'm determined to do right by myself

for a change.

This is day 2 of hot, kick my backside, yoga - I've decided I'm going every day, whether or not I want to or feel up to it. The first day made me sore, the second day almost made me cry, I wonder what day 3 will bring?

I have always denied myself living up to the fullness of my potential, what do the philosophers call it? Self-actualisation? But I'm determined not to be that person anymore.

If I am good to myself, I will have more power to be good to others. I'm not going to abandon my values, but I'm not going to be afraid of whatever comes, even if it is glorious, even if I become famous or rich. I'm not going to be afraid. I've never been afraid of poverty and anonymity, just annoyed by it, so now, I'm going to try not to fear anything.

Now I must go make art.